SOUNDLAND: Music & Sound Radio Drama [2011]

An experimental radio drama combining voice, sound and music.

SOUNDLAND is a surreal drama about a sound who finds himself lost. On his journey he encounters two plains of reality: one bound by rules and regulation and another existing in complete, unimaginable freedom. At the end of his journey the sound resigns himself to his fate: He has no home, he belongs nowhere. The idea for this drama came from a radio piece called Red Cocoon (1960) by Abe Kobo.

Text: Japanese • Sound & Music: Rob Szeliga • Story: Rob Szeliga • Recorded at Tokyo University of the Arts
Voice: Tenko (Mojimasa Tokiwazu), Kenta Ichinose
Electric Guitar: Aquiles Hadjis
Tenor Sax: Adam Strange
Thanks to Paul Roquet

Selections from the drama:

• ACT 1_WHERE AM I?_05:41 > Fade-in elastic band introuduction. Our protagonist enters.

• ACT 2_LAND OF THE FREE SOUND_09:22 > A chat about freedom with a Chindonya conclusion.

• ACT 4_RULES AND REGULATIONS_06:12 > A confrontation. The Mikoshi approaches.

• ACT 6_CONCLUSION: NO HOME_03:36 > Our protagonist realises his loneliness.

Soundland: Sketches and Ideas, 2011