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CINEMA OF NOISE #30 - August 27th 2015
+ Walkabout [1971] directed by Nicolas Roeg
- electronic noise • string music • voices • explosion • radio noise • singing • fire

"I've often said that our thoughts are very different in a lot of ways from what we actually say. And our thoughts about what we hear are very different from what is being said, so there are lots of stories going on in our mind as we try and read people. Usually, sound will fall into a predictable relationship with the image: this is what is happening and this is what is being said. But we're really just at the tip of the iceberg in terms of sound reaching up to become equal with the image; not abandoning the image, but equal with the image in a different way." - The World is Ever Changing, Nicolas Roeg

Sound Department [IMDB]

Barry Brown ... location sound mixer
Gerry Humphreys ... dubbing mixer
Kevin Kearney ... boom operator

Music by John Barry

CINEMA OF NOISE #29 - August 25th 2015
+ Ben-Hur [1959] directed by William Wyler
- crowds • horses • whipping • wheels • crash • shouting

Sound Department [IMDB]

Sash Fisher ... sound recordist
Franklin Milton ... recording supervisor
William Steinkamp ... sound recordist
Van Allen James ... co-supervising sound editor (uncredited)
Milo B. Lory ... special sound effects (uncredited)
Mauro Zambuto ... sound engineer (uncredited)

CINEMA OF NOISE #28 - August 19th 2015
+ Hunger [2008] directed by Steve McQueen
- voice • liquid • rumble • rattle • flapping wings

Sound Department [IMDB]

Daniel Crowley ... sound maintenance engineer (as Danny Crowley)
Richard Davey ... sound re-recording mixer
Paul Davies ... sound designer
Ronan Hill ... sound mixer
Michael McKnight ... sound trainee
Mervyn Moore ... sound mixer
Laurence O'Keefe ... sound maintenance engineer
Adam Ridge ... sound maintenance engineer
Peter Shaw ... assistant sound editor
Chu-Li Shewring ... additional sound effects editor (as ChuLi Shewring)
Chris Treble ... assistant sound re-recording mixer
Antonia Bates ... additional adr editor (uncredited)
Rachel Carberry ... assistant adr recordist (uncredited)
Tom Deane ... adr mixer (uncredited)
Steve Haynes ... adr recordist (uncredited)
Lionel Strutt ... adr coordinator (uncredited)

CINEMA OF NOISE #27 - August 15th 2015
+ Pickpocket [1959] directed by Robert Bresson
- cars • footsteps • bell • voices

"When a sound can replace an image, cut the image or neutralize it. The ear goes more toward the within, the eye toward the outer." - Notes on the Cinematographer (1975) by Robert Bresson

Sound Department [IMDB]

Antoine Archimbaud ... sound

CINEMA OF NOISE #26 - August 11th 2015
+ Contact [1997] directed by Robert Zemeckis
- door • metal • footsteps • drone • steam • machinery • rumble • plugs • seat

CINEMA OF NOISE #25 - August 8th 2015
+ Picnic at Hanging Rock [1975] directed by Peter Weir
- footsteps • drippping water • distant voice • mud • puddle • snow • resonant bodies • voice • rumble • jet engine

Sound Department [IMDB]

Sherry Bell ... assistant dubbing editor
Greg Bell ... dubbing editor (uncredited)
Don Connolly ... sound recordist (uncredited)
Joe Spinelli ... boom operator (uncredited)

CINEMA OF NOISE #24 - August 5th 2015
+ The Sacrifice [1986] directed by Andrei Tarkovsky
- footsteps • drippping water • distant voice • mud • puddle • snow • resonant bodies • voice • rumble • jet engine

"This idea about the woman's voice that permeates the film occurred to us early before the sound editing began...The important thing was that there was this woman and she comes into the film quite early and then she enters the dream and that represents a connection with human emotions which of course a contrast to the threat of war. Both Otto - the actor Allan Edwall - and Alexander are in contact with her Otto seems to receive her call when he suddenly collapses on the floor while walking through the house telling strange tales. One never really discovers what is going on. Somebody asked me long ago if this was a contact with God but I did not want to answer because I do not know - I do not think so." - Owe Svennson interview

Sound Department [IMDB]

Christin Loman ... sound mixer
Lars C. Lundberg ... sound effects editor
Bo Persson ... sound recordist
Willie Peterson-Berger ... sound recordist (as Wille Peterson-Berger)
Owe Svensson ... sound mixer / sound
Lasse Ulander ... sound recordist (as Lars Ulander)

CINEMA OF NOISE #23 - July 31st 2015
+ Tetsuo: The Iron Man [1989] directed by Shinya Tsukamoto
- explosion • laugh • crashes • voices • engine • metal

Sound Department [IMDB]

Chu Ishikawa ... music / sound

• CINEMA OF NOISE #22 - July 24th 2015
+ No Country for Old Men [2007] directed by The Coen Brothers
- wind • grass • footsteps • sigh

Sound Department [IMDB]

Craig Berkey ... re-recording mixer / sound designer
Joseph F. Brennan ... boom operator (as Joe Brennan)
Joel Dougherty ... assistant sound editor
Cole Gittinger ... cable person
Catherine Harper ... foley artist
Kenton Jakub ... adr editor
Randall L. Johnson ... boom operator (as Randy Johnson)
Peter F. Kurland ... sound mixer (as Peter Kurland)
Skip Lievsay ... re-recording mixer / supervising sound editor
Darrin Mann ... foley mixer
Christopher Moriana ... foley artist (as Chris Moriana)
Greg Orloff ... sound re-recording mixer
Derek Vanderhorst ... foley editor (as Derek Vander Horst)
Byron Wilson ... dialogue editor
Eric Harwood ... sound recordist (uncredited)
Jeff Knudsen ... sound mixer: second unit (uncredited)
Roy Machado ... adr mixer (uncredited)

• CINEMA Of NOISE #21 - July 22nd 2015
+ Taxi Driver [1976] directed by Martin Scorsese
- gun shots • crash • broken glass • breathing • footsteps • voices • gun loading • scream • wood

Sound Department [IMDB]

Rick Alexander ... sound re-recording mixer (as Dick Alexander)
Gordon Davidson ... sound effects editor
James Fritch ... sound effects editor (as Jim Fritch)
Sam Gemette ... sound effects editor
David M. Horton ... sound effects editor (as David Hourton)
Les Lazarowitz ... sound mixer
Roger Pietschmann ... sound recorder (as Roger Pietschman)
Vern Poore ... sound re-recording mixer
Robert Rogow ... boom man
Tex Rudloff ... sound re-recording supervisor
Frank E. Warner ... supervising sound effects editor
Mel Zelniker ... adr recordist (uncredited)