Listening to films.


• CINEMA Of NOISE #20 - July 16th 2015
+ Playtime [1967] directed by Jacques Tati
- electronic beeps • PA voice • footsteps • buzz • door • typewriters • voices • escalator • squeaky shoes

"The fact that he always shot his films without sound and composed his soundtracks separately made it easier for him to use images and sounds interactively, employing sound in part as a way of guiding how we look at his images, by stimulating and directing our imaginations. This means that any discussion of Tati’s mise-en-scene has to cope with the reality that he effectively directed each of his films twice—once when he shot them and then once again when he composed and recorded their soundtracks. Adding sound often served as a way of “retouching” his images by directing our eyes, sometimes by complicating or even undermining the visual evidence. French film analyst Michel Chion has suggestively pointed out, for example, that if we listen to one of the naturalistic beach sequences in Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday without the image to “mislead” us, the apparent boredom, discomfort, and inertia of adult vacationers trying to figure out what to do become the sound of lively children enjoying themselves." - Jacques Tati: Composing in Sound and Image By Jonathan Rosenbaum

Sound Department [IMDB]

Danièle James ... assistant post-synchronization
Maurice Laumain ... sound editor
Camille Laurenti-Ede ... sound editor (restored version)
Jean-Paul Loublier ... sound mixer (restored version)
Jacques Maumont ... sound director
Gilbert Pereira ... sound recordist (uncredited)

• CINEMA Of NOISE #19 - July 15th 2015
+ La Haine [1995] directed by Mathieu Kassovitz
- motorbike • radio • metal • rumble • pitched voice • office activity • voices • cell doors

Sound Department [IMDB]

Nicolas Becker ... foley artist
Dominique Dalmasso ... sound
Fred Mays ... post-synchronization
Laure Monrréal ... sound trainee
Vincent Tulli ... sound
Emmanuel Ughetto ... boom operator

• CINEMA Of NOISE #18 - July 9th 2015
+ Kuroneko [1968] directed by Kaneto Shindo
- screech noises • hits • voice

Sound Department [IMDB]

Tetsuya Ohashi ... sound

• CINEMA Of NOISE #17 - July 3rd 2015
+ The Innocents [1961] directed by Jack Clayton
- clock • book • fire • piano • voices • footsteps • wind • door • electronic fx • scream • laughing

"...what really disturbs us, at the very moments when the film is at its most disturbing, are the eerie electronic noises that creep around the edges of Auric’s lush impressionistic score. These noises, though unmentioned in the film’s credits, were created by Daphne Oram...If the electronic noises in The Innocents are the sound of encroaching madness, Oram has prior form. Oram once compared, in her only published book, An Individual Note, the descent into madness with a kind of psychic feedback loop, an overloading ‘through having too high a playback volume’. It is in precisely this way, the echo of feedback overloading, swelling to the point of distortion, that she created many of the chilling sound effects for The Innocents." - Something Secretive, Whispery and Indecent by Robert Barry

The Innocents-Photomontage

Sound Department [IMDB]

Buster Ambler ... sound recordist (as A.G. Ambler)
John Cox ... sound recordist
Peter Musgrave ... dubbing editor
Ken Ritchie ... boom operator
Jimmy Dooley ... sound camera operator (uncredited)
Daphne Oram ... electronic sound effects (uncredited)

• CINEMA Of NOISE #16 - June 29th 2015
+ Persona [1966] directed by Ingmar Bergman
- distant foghorn • bed fabric • footsteps • glass jug • drinking

Sound Department [IMDB]

Evald Andersson ... special sound effects
Lennart Engholm ... sound
Olle Jacobsson ... sound mixer
Per-Olof Pettersson ... sound (as P.O. Pettersson)

• CINEMA Of NOISE #15 - June 26th 2015
+ THX 1138 [1971] directed by George Lucas
- drone • electronic noises • beeps • alarm • voices

Sound Department [IMDB]

Jim Manson ... location sound
Walter Murch ... sound montage
Louis Yates ... location sound (as Lou Yates)

• CINEMA Of NOISE #14 - June 22nd 2015
+ Blade Runner [1982] directed by Ridley Scott
- footsteps • voices • music • city atmos • crowd • traffic • horns • sirens • chanting • electronic noises

• CINEMA Of NOISE #13 - June 19th 2015
+ The Birds [1963] directed by Alfred Hitchcock
- bird textures • furniture • fabric

"The Birds deals abstractly with fear; thus it is especially dependent on sound because of the non-specific quality of sound effects" - Elisabeth Weis, The Silent Scream (1982)

Sound Department [IMDB]

Remi Gassmann ... electronic sound production and composition
Bernard Herrmann ... sound consultant
William Russell ... sound recordist
Oskar Sala ... electronic sound production and composition
Waldon O. Watson ... sound recordist
Bernard Herrmann ... sound designer (uncredited)
James V. Swartz ... sound (uncredited)

• CINEMA Of NOISE #12 - June 13th 2015
+ Clean, Shaven [1993] directed by Lodge Kerrigan
- footsteps • voices • drone • radio • dog • car • male voice • metal fence • drone • radio • library

Sound Department [IMDB]

Brad Beckman ... adr recordist: post-production
Marko A. Costanzo ... foley artist: post-production
James Good ... sound editing room assistant: post-production
John Michael Kelsey ... location sound mixer: Miscou Island (as John Kelsey)
Brian Langman ... foley recordist: post-production
Tony Martinez ... supervising sound editor: post-production
David Novack ... sound re-recording mixer: post-production
Michael Parsons ... additional sound designer: post-production / adr recordist: post-production / location sound mixer: New York City
Matthew Perry ... location sound mixer: Miscou Island
Jac Rubenstein ... sound editor: post-production
Jon San Jose ... assistant sound editor: post-production
Bill Sweeney ... sound editor: post-production
Athina Rachel Tsangari ... boom operator: Miscou Island (as Rachel Tsangari)
Karen Wilkerson ... boom operator: New York City

• CINEMA Of NOISE #11 - June 6th 2015
+ Pather Panchali [1955] directed by Satyajit Ray
- wind • rain • rattling door • thunder • fabric

"Film grammar tells us that essentials should be stressed." - Satyajit Ray, An Indian New Wave

Pather Panchali Photomontage

Sound Department [IMDB]

Bhupen Ghosh ... sound recordist
Samir Ghosh ... assistant sound recordist
Durgacharan Mitra ... additional sound recordist