Listening to films.


• CINEMA Of NOISE #10 - June 1st 2015
+ Stalker [1979] directed by Andrei Tarkovsky
- rail cart • steel track • eletronic noises

"It seemed to me that it could - that it must even - rely solely on sound...But this music must be barely heard beneath the noise, in a way that the spectator is not aware of it. Moreover, I would like most of the noise and sound to be composed by a composer. In the film, for example, the three people undertake a long journey in a railway car. I'd like that the noise of the wheels on the rails not be natural sound but elaborated upon by the composer with electronic music. At the same time, one mustn't be aware of music, nor natural sounds." - Andrei Tarkovsky in interview, 1979

Sound Department [IMDB]

Vladimir Sharun ... sound

Music [IMDB]

Eduard Artemyev

• CINEMA Of NOISE #9 - May 28rd 2015
+ Inland Empire [2006] directed by David Lynch
- record noise • drones • voices • orchestral textures

Sound Department [IMDB]

Zane D. Bruce ... foley walker (as Zane Bruce)
David A. Cohen ... dialogue editor (as David Cohen)
Ronald Eng ... sound re-recording mixer / sound supervisor
John Evans ... boom operator
Sara Evans ... utility sound (as Sara Glaser)
Dean Hurley ... sound mixer / sound re-recording mixer / sound supervisor
Damian Jankowski ... boom operator: Poland
David Lynch ... sound designer / sound re-recording mixer
Ryan Maguire ... foley mixer
John Neff ... additional location sound recordist
Willard Overstreet ... foley editor
Sean Rowe ... foley walker
Daniel Sikorski ... additional sound: Poland
Robert Troy ... dialogue editor
Steve Tushar ... sound editor
Sara Evans ... sound mixer: second unit (uncredited)

• CINEMA Of NOISE #8 - May 23rd 2015
+ Katalin Varga [2009] directed by Peter Strickland
- dog bark • bells • wind • sheep • birds • rumble • drone

"I learnt from the age of 16 that you could convey an inner world after hearing Alan Splet’s sound design on Eraserhead. I also soon realised that it’s rare to find film people who are also music people or vice versa. It’s so strange — you could meet someone into Feher Gyorgy or Béla Tarr, but they listen to very middle-of-the-road music. So I was aware of this unexplored niche in terms of informing film with a whole new world of sonic ideas. Hearing is a far more active human sense than sight. As a filmmaker, your potential to ignite an audience’s imagination is far greater through using sound. With images, most of the work is done for us, but with sound, you´re filling in the gaps and that is very exciting and provocative for an audience. Sound also offers the spatial dimension that the image can’t always do. Bresson gave us a whole outside world in A Man Escaped, and we yearn for it even more since we’re trapped inside a cell." - Portrait of a Soundscapist: An Interview with Peter Strickland

Sound Department [IMDB]

Dezsö Gálfi ... boom operator
Gábor ifj. Erdélyi ... sound designer / supervising sound editor
Zoltán Karaszek ... sound recordist
György Kovács ... sound designer / sound mixer
Tamás Székely ... sound editor

Additional Sound/Music Material provided by:

Geoffrey Cox
Steven Stapleton

• CINEMA Of NOISE #7 - May 17th 2015
+ Delicatessen [1991] directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet & Marc Caro
- squeaky bed • cello • pump • tv • mat • roller • metronome ...

Sound Department [IMDB]

Vincent Arnardi ... sound mixer
Marc Caro ... sound effects
Laurent Dreyer ... assistant sound mixer
Gérard Hardy ... sound editor
Larry Hopkins ... layback sound mixer
Jean-Pierre Lelong ... foley artist
Mario Melchiorri ... assistant foley artist
Muriel Moreau ... dialogue editor
Jérôme Thiault ... sound effects / sound engineer / sound supervisor
Jacques Thomas-Gérard ... adr mixer
Laurent Zeilig ... assistant sound engineer / boom operator

• CINEMA Of NOISE #6 - May 13th 2015
+ Dreams [1990] directed by Akira Kurosawa
- exterior footsteps • dog howls and barks • interior footsteps • echo fx

Sound Department [IMDB]

Kenichi Benitani ... sound
Soichi Inoue ... sound assistant
Noriaki Minami ... sound assistant
Ichirô Minawa ... sound effects editor
Masatoshi Saito ... sound effects editor
Masahito Yano ... sound assistant

• CINEMA OF NOISE #5 - May 10th 2015
+ Crazed Fruit [1956] directed by Kō Nakahira
- speedboat engine • water • voices • crash • wood

Sound Department [IMDB]

Masakazu Kamiya ... sound recordist

• CINEMA OF NOISE #4 - May 7th 2015
+ Punch Drunk Love [2002] directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
- footsteps • wind • metal rattling • fabric • crash

• CINEMA OF NOISE #3 - April 27th 2015
+ Bullitt [1968] directed by Peter Yates
- car engine • screeching tires • car horns • crashes

Sound Department [IMDB]

John K. Kean ... sound
Ray Barons ... boom mic operator (uncredited)
Dennis Jones ... cable man (uncredited)
Dan Wallin ... sound re-recording mixer (uncredited)

• CINEMA OF NOISE #2 - April 19th 2015
+ The Conversation [1974] directed by Francis Ford Coppola
- roomtone • dripping water • movement • electronic sounds • echo

Sound Department [IMDB]

Nathan Boxer ... production recording (as Nat Boxer)
Michael Evje ... production recording (as Mike Evje)
Walter Murch ... re-recording / sound montage
Art Rochester ... production recording
Howard Beals ... sound effects editor (uncredited)
Walter Murch ... sound editor (uncredited)

• CINEMA OF NOISE #1 - April 10th 2015
+ Altered States [1980] directed by Ken Russell
- electronic tones • percussion • voice • echo • crash • cuts • explosion • glass • water

Sound Department [IMDB]

Willie D. Burton ... sound mixer (as Willie Burton)
Michael Colgan ... supervising sound editor
Laurey Condon ... assistant sound editor
Les Fresholtz ... sound re-recording mixer
Don Higgins ... sound editor
Jerry Jacobson ... adr editor
Stephen Katz ... sound consultant
Marvin E. Lewis ... boom operator (as Marvin Lewis)
Michael Minkler ... sound re-recording mixer
Arthur Piantadosi ... sound re-recording mixer
Fred Stafford ... sound editor
Colin Waddy ... sound editor
Jay Wertz ... sound editor
Robert W. Harris ... cableman (uncredited)