Price of Secrecy [2019] - radio atlas

It was a pleasure to work with the highly talented Zoha Zokaei on Price of Secrecy - a podcast series in Farsi about unspoken secrets . Storytelling can take many forms. This alternative episode, the fifth and final in the podcast series, was an attempt to explore a different kind of storytelling form by combining interviews in the present between Zoha and the therapist, with a highly stylised treatment of music and sound to portray the (imagined) psychological journey of the lead character.

Price of Secrecy is a fictionalised podcast series that addresses some of the legal, social, cultural and familial constraints that contribute to the silence around the issue of child sexual abuse in Iran. At the heart of the series is the question - 'why, as members of society, are we failing to listen to the victims of child sexual abuse?'. A question that takes the responsibility of breaking the silence away from the victim and introduces it as a social responsibility.

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