Now Hear This [1963] - Treg Brown

Treg Brown was a sonic maverick. Born in 1899 he worked first as a musician and later music editor, before finding a home at Warner Brothers as a pioneering sound editor. Working in tandem with the electic music of composer Carl Stalling, Brown's unique sound effects helped create the rumbustious soundtracks of the Warner Brothers cartoons for over 50-years.

Treg Brown [1899-1984] Image source:

Treg Brown [1899-1984] Image source:

Before winning an Oscar in 1966 for his sound effect work on The Great Race, Brown worked on a bizarre Chuck Jones short called Now Hear This [1963]. Well worth watching.

Earlier this year I created the first batch of Ear Cake audio pieces for moving images. The following slice was directly inspired by Treg Brown's wonderful universe of violence and noise.

Further reflections on the life and work of Treg Brown can be found here.

Sound preceding picture

I've recently started a new collaborative project called EARCAKE. A simple idea: 1-minute sound pieces created for filmmakers to respond to visually. Read more about the project here.