Filmfarsi [2019]

Our artistic urges are formed out of a particular time and place; that which shows up as available at the time. Like all other art-forms, film does not appear in a vacuum but always emerges out of a particular context of people, power and technology. An awareness of the context informs an understanding of the medium in its totality, and how it operates under the present conditions of modern life. Film is never just 24 framed images a second.

And so to a project about the medium and its place in a particular world. An informative and highly entertaining examination of pre-revolution film culture in Iran, Ehsan Khoshbakht’s Filmfarsi [2019] is as much for fans of world cinema as it is for scholars of Iranian film history. Constructed in the style of an essay film, Filmfarsi is a colourful mosaic of forgotten films, scratchy archive footage and voice-over, all set to an electrifying soundtrack of romantic film scores and psychedelic acid rock. An important historical period that urgently needs wider recognition.

Director: Ehsan Khoshbakht
Sound Designer: Rob Szeliga
Additional Sound Editor: John Cohen

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