Signal and Noise [2002-2016] Complete

The Signal and Noise playlist is now complete. Comprising of 50 short excerpts of sound and music, the collection brings together a wide range of material recorded in the UK, Japan and Indonesia from the period 2002 up to 2016.

One of my personal favourites is North India Bells from 2008. A montage of bells recorded at different times, in different locations across North India. The ringing of bells together with the incessant noise of traffic - these are my two lasting sound memories of the subcontinent. Other field recording highlights include gamelan recordings made in Java and Bali (particularly the Mangkunegaran Karawitan excerpt) as well as a few interesting sounds from the Japanese countryside and urban environments. Various textures falling under the vague descriptive tag 'ambient' or 'drones' pepper the playlist. Of these pieces Sputnik [2016], Tokai [2006] and Theme for Mysterious Semblance [2013] seem to provide floaty musical respite, lieing somewhere in the domain of Brian Eno or William Basinski. While 'noise' favourites of mine would be the Xenakis-inspired Concret Sferics [2011] piece (here in its 2-minute entirety), Merzinvaders [2016] and the rather simple refrain of Metal on Turntable [2014].